Planning a Family Holiday in the Countryside — Film Sets Anyone?

After spending so many years hitting the beaches at European beach resorts in France, Portugal and Spain, many families find that a change is in order.

This could entail a domestic holiday — domestic holidays present an excellent way to save on the costs of family holidays with the aim of taking a bigger and better one the following year — or something along the lines of a road trip around a far-flung foreign land by arranging, for example, a wohnmobil mieten Neuseeland and exploring the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, as New Zealand is known.

The countryside — Why country holidays are so appealing to so many

There are many commonly cited reasons as to why the countryside is such an appealing destination for families, couples and singles alike.

Nowhere boasts peace, quiet and tranquillity like the countryside and it makes such a welcome change from the cities and suburbia in which most of us reside

When holidaying at the beach or in a city it’s often the case that everyone has their own agenda and families never really spend as much time together as they (the parents) had planned

Holidaying in the countryside is generally far more affordable than holidaying at a beach resort or in a foreign city and represents a great option when holidaying on a budget

We often forget just how lucky we are to be able to immerse ourselves in the wonders of nature — this is something most of us are guilty of

Country cooking beats food cooked elsewhere hands down — there’s simply no comparison!

In addition to the above listed reasons why you should consider taking your family on a holiday in a comfortable, and modern, hippie wohnmobil or explore the countryside in Derbyshire, one of England’s true treasures, there’s also the opportunity to visit cultural and historical places of interest, there’s new experiences to enjoy and it sure beats sitting around the house griping for lack of something to do!

Loved the film? Time to visit the set!

In addition to cultural and historical places of interest, there’s also the opportunity to visit film sets when on holiday in certain parts of the countryside and many film buffs and their families find this gives their holidays in the countryside an extra sense of purpose.

New Zealand is famously the setting for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and now ‘The Hobbit’, which is something to take note of and plan to incorporate into a road trip holiday in a wohnmobil mieten Neuseeland. Charming Derbyshire has also featured prominently in many films, including several film adaptations of Jane Eyre, not to mention being home to many locations in the adaptations of the Harry Potter books — something that’s sure to interest the kids if they’re Harry Potter fans!

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